LineWars: Reinforcement Learning idea

Now that DeepRTS engine is in a stable state and i’m ready to research reinforcement learning algorithms for it i need a new side project. Currently i’m planning to create a web-based VNC compatible game which is based of Hero Line Warsa Warcraft III modification.

The objective of this game is to control a hero unit which defends your base.  You defend your base by killing off enemies spawned by the opposing player. Secondary objective of the game is to send units to the opposing player, attempting to overrun him. If you succeed to overrun the opposing player, your units destroys his base and you win the game.

This game should be fairly simple to implement, and hopefully it will only require ~1000 lines of code to implement if with the logic engine and graphics. The reason for implementing such game is that it has a reduced State and Action space compared to DeepRTS and other RTS games, but it is still fairly complex to master.

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