Per-Arne Andersen

Per-Arne Andersen is a trailblazing associate professor in artificial intelligence and cybersecurity at the University of Agder and a senior adviser at the Hospital of Southern Norway. As CTO at AIExperts AS and Newbringer AS, he is a technology development and innovation mastermind. With a diverse array of interests, Per-Arne is deeply engaged in research, teaching, and public outreach, consistently pushing the boundaries of human understanding. His extensive academic experience, bolstered by a PhD and an ever-growing list of peer-reviewed articles, has made him an authority in his field.

A charismatic thought leader, Per-Arne’s passion for educating society about the benefits and dangers of artificial intelligence has established him as an in-demand public speaker. He captivates audiences with his unique ability to translate complex concepts into practical, empowering insights for everyday life. By connecting the dots between AI advancements, cybersecurity, and the future of human society, Per-Arne challenges people to embrace the technological revolution with a balanced, informed approach. His visionary guidance inspires individuals and organizations alike to harness the potential of AI, ensuring a brighter future for humankind.


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Communication & Workshops

As a public speaker, I'll engage your audience through enthralling AI-focused presentations and immersive workshops, expertly crafted to spark inspiration and foster innovation.

AI Consultancy

Elevate your business with tailored AI solutions, unlocking unparalleled efficiency, growth, and competitive advantage.

Cybersercurity Consultancy

Cybersecurity Consultancy: Fortify your digital fortress with cutting-edge cybersecurity strategies, ensuring maximum protection and peace of mind.


Propel your organization into the future with groundbreaking AI research, fueling next-gen discoveries and unrivaled opportunities.

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